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№ 1

Задания по аудированию:
для учащихся 10 класса общеобразовательных школ
An Englishman went to stay at a hotel in Paris. On the first morning, he went to have breakfast. There were no tables free, so he sat at the same table as a Frenchman.
When the Englishman's breakfast arrived, the Frenchman said: "Bon Appetit" The Englishman thought that it was his name. He replied by saying his own name: "Sidebottom". This happened every day for a week.
At the end of the week, an English friend of Sidebottom's arrived at the hotel.
"I want you to meet my friend, Mr Bon Appetit", said Sidebottom.
"That isn't his name," said Sidebottom's friend. "That's what French people say before they eat something"

Rearrange the sentences below to make a story.
1. An Englishman went to stay in Paris
2. He replied by saying his own name "Sidebottom". This happened every day.
3. On the morning, he went to have breakfast. There were no tables free, so he sat at the same table with a Frenchman.
4. "That isn't his name", said Sidebottom's friend. "That's what French people say before they eat something"
5. When the Englishman's breakfast arrived, the French man said, "Bon appetit".The Englishman thought that it was his name
6. At the end of the week, an English friend of Sidebottom's arrived at the hotel.
"I want you to meet my friend, Mr Bon Appetit", said Sidebottom

Задание для учащихся 11 класса
My name is Diana Spencer, which of course was Princess Diana's name before she married Prince Charles. You can't imagine how difficult life is. No one believes me when I say my name, and it can be really embarrassing in banks and post offices. I have to take my passport everywhere to prove it's my real name. And I can't even try to book theatre tickets by telephone. People think I'm trying to get free tickets!
My name is Paul MacCartney, and I quite enjoy it when people say: Are you the Paul MacCartney? I am about 30 years younger than Paul MacCartney, but no one seems to think about that. The funny thing is that my girlfriend's name is Linda, which is Paul's wife name.
My name is Julie Roberts, not Jullia Roberts, but people always think I say Jullia Roberts. No, Jullie, I say. Really? They say.......what's it like having the same name as a famous film star? It gets quite boring, actually.
My name is Allan Shakespeare. As far as I know, I am no relation at all to William Shakespeare, but you have to agree that it's an unusual name. I don't mind when people ask me if I'm related to him. Sometimes I say yes, he is a very nice man. But I nearly got into trouble once when a policeman stopped me in the street and asked my name. He nearly arrested me. Fortunately, I had some identification with me.
My name is Michael Jackson. It always makes people laugh when i say it. For a start, I 'm white and I'm nearly bald. Secondly, I can't sing and thirdly, I'm a terrible dancer. I actually know three other people called Michael Jackson. But then, it's not very usual name, is it?

2.1. Answer the questions
1. How does Diana Spencer prove who she is?
2. Why is it strange that people think Paul MacCartney is the famous one?
3. Does Jullie Roberts enjoy being confused with Julia Roberts?
4. How did Alen Shakespear avoid being arrested?
5. What's the difference between Michael Jackson and the singer with the same name?

2.2 Find the differences and make the sentences correct


is it right or wrong

the right variant

1. You can imagine how difficult life of Diana Spencer is.


2. I’m about thirteen years younger than Paul MaCartney


3. Julie has the same name  as a film star.


4. As far as I know, I am not related at all to William Shakespeare


5.   For a start, I ‘m white and I’m  always bored 


№ 3

Задания для учащихся школ и классов с углубленным изучением иностранного языка
( более 3х часов в неделю)
Good evening. Here is the six o clock news. Hijackers are still holding twenty three passengers in a plane at Manchester airport. They hijacked the flight from London to Glasgow last Thursday. The hostages have now been sitting in the plane without food or water for three days. The hijackers want the release of some political prisoners, but the government refuse to give in.
Planes are now landing in the Balkans with supplies, after flights were resumed earlier today, following the end of the civil war. The people in the Balkan capital have been waiting for food for the six months. It is hoped that life in the region will return to normal within a couple of months, although it will be many years before they can repair the structural and emotional damage of the war.
Traffic in the west London has been growing steadily since early this morning as fans begin to arrive for today's football match at Wembley where the English team is playing Brazil this afternoon. Police are advising motorists to avoid the area unless absolutely necessary.
A demonstration against unemployment has been taken place in Manchester.
Demonstration have been marching through the city for two hours. It is expected to finish in front of the town hall at five this evening where left-wing members of Parliament will address the crowd.
The fire on the oil rig in the North Sea is still burning after the explosion last Tuesday. Helicopters took the crew to safety, but the firefighters have not been able to get close to the fire. Bad weather is causing problems with strong wind (gales) and heavy seas.
Despite good weather over most of the country, Scotland has been experiencing some of the worst summer weather this century. It has been raining there for the last ten hours, and the forecast suggests that it will continue until tomorrow morning, with a chance of thunder and lighting.

3. 1 Choose from the list the type of news you have heard. Put them in right order.








Arts and culture


Business and economy






Famous people


Foreign Affairs






Leisure interest








Social affairs




Traffic and transport






3. 2 Correct the sentences
1. The hostages have been siting in the plane since Wednesday
2. The people in the Balkan have been waiting for medicaments for eight months
3. Traffic in west London has been growing since early yesterday
4. The demonstrators against war have been marching through Manchester.
5. The fire on the oil rig has been liquidated.
6. It has been good weather all over the country in Scotland.

№ 4
Задания по чтению
1.Look at the newspaper article and decide what is the best title to it:
a. A statistical survey of the habits of mean people
b. Home economics- how to save around the house
c. Scrooge is alive and well
d. The vice of nation

We all know about Pual Getty I, the richest man in the world. He's the one who in his 72-bedroomed country mansion, used to have a pay-phone for his guests. He's also the one who refused to play the ransom for the release of Paul Getty III, his grandson, until the poor boy's ear was cut off- and even then, the money paid was a loan to Paul Getty II at interest rate of four per cent.

One man bought his wife a dustpan for a Christmas present. When his workmates asked him about the brush to go with it, he replied. "Oh, she's getting that for her birthday"

Every year on her birthday her husband would give her the same birthday card, until one year she hit upon the idea of burning it .What did her husband do? He bought the cheapest substitute he could find, which happened to be a card for belated ( coming very late or too late) birthday greetings, so his wife suffered the added insult of receiving the card late.
There' the woman who for the birthday gives delightful home- made cards, with the message written on a separate piece of paper. With the card she'll enclose a short note asking for the card back in a few days' time.
His wife wrote, "He's always charging the family for the things he does around the house. He grows vegetables in the back garden, but I have to pay for them out of my house- keeping money. When he gives our daughter a lift to work, he'll ask her for the bus fare and a little bit more because it' a door to- door service"
Putting out the pilot light ( small flame that burns continuously on a gas cooker or boiler ,and lights a larger burner when the gas is turned on) on gas cooker and fires is commonplace. Some people refuse to let other open the freezer without their permission is commonplace. Some people refuse to let others open the freezer without their permission. One man unashamedly wrote in to say how he cuts down on his heating bill. His wife never has the central heating on during the day while he's out at work because he's told her that gas is twice as expensive in the day - time -so the heating conveniently comes on at six o' clock in time for his return.

2.The first sentence of each paragraph have been removed. The are listed here:
a. When it comes to counting the pennies, how about this charming man?
b. Fuel economies are widespread form of penny- pinching
c. Many of the stories were to do with the giving of presents
d. Giving with one hand and taking with the other is a common trick
e. The meanness of the rich is legendary
f. One woman's attempts to reform her husband's meanness were a complete failure

3.Here are the answers to some questions about the article.
Work out questions

1. Yes, but it was a loan. His son had to repay the money
2. Because it was the cheapest one he could find
3. So, that she can send the card to someone else
4. No, he sells them to his wife
5. Because her husband has told her that it would be too expensive.

№ 5

Задание по чтению для 11 класса общеобразовательной школы
Read the text and answer the questions following it choosing one answer.
Agatha Christy (1891-1976) is one of the world's best- known and best loved authors. Her famous detectives, Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple, and her brilliantly constructed plots have caught the imagination of generations of readers. Although she lived to an old age and wrote many books, she did not reveal much about her personal life.
In December 1926 an incident occurred which would have made a detective story in itself. At the height of her success with her first novel, she apparently vanished into thin air for ten days. At that time she was extremely distressed because she had found out that her husband was having an affair with another woman and wanted a divorce. She was sleeping badly, she couldn't write and she was eating very little.
On Friday 3d December, Agatha told her secretary and companion, Carlo ( Miss Charlotte Fisher), that she wanted a day alone. When Carlo returned in the evening, she found that the garage door had been left open and the maids were looking frightened. According to them, Mrs. Christie had come downstairs at about eleven in the evening, had got into her car and had driven off quickly without saying anything to anybody.
Carlo waited anxiously all night but Agatha did not return. Early the next morning the police found Agatha's car in the ditch with it's lights on. There was no trace of Agatha.
A nation- wide hunt for the missing novelist was started. The police were suspicious. Did the servants know something? Newspapers printed wild stories about her disappearance - that she had committed suicide, that she had been kidnapped, that she had ran away with a secret lover; some even suggested that she had planned the whole thing as a publicity stunt ( an action to gain attention)
The mystery ended ten days later when Agatha was found alive and well in Harrogate, a health spa in Yorkshshire. Her husband explained to the waiting reporters that she had lost her memory. But to this day, nobody really knows what happened during those missing ten days.
1. Agatha Cristei dissappear.............
a in an old age when she wrote many books
b soon after her marriage
c at the time her first novel was published

2. She was distressed at the time........
a because her first novel had no success
b because her husband had a secret lover
c because she was seriously ill

3. She told her companion.................
a that she wanted to stay alone
b that she wanted to visit her friends
c that she is going to the seaside

4. On her return Charlotte Fisher found
a that Agatha is busy writing
b that Agatha ia absent
c that Agatha is sleeping

5. According to the maids at eleven o'clock......
a Agatha had come downstairs, asked them to clean the room and went away
b Agatha had come downstairs, rang somebody up , had got into her car and had driven off.
c. Agatha without a word went downstairs, got into her car and went away

6. The police found.........................
a nothing
b a car, left on the road with it's lights on
c a car in a trench

7. Agatha reappeared............
a in a week in a hospital of Yorkshire
b ten days later in a resort with spring water
c a month later in London hotel

8. Her husband explained that
a she had been kidnapped
b she had lost her memory
c she had planed to work alone

Текст для школ и классов с углубленным изучением иностранного языка

By the time Janet had been five days in hospital she had become converted to the idea of a domestic robot. It had taken her two days to discover that Nurse James was a robot, one day to recover from the surprise, and two more to realize what a comfort an attendant robot could be. Nurse James was the first with which she had come into close personal contact and it came as a revelation.
Janet told the doctor of her enlightenment and he looked relieved. She also told George when he visited in the afternoon: he was delighted. 'Excellent', said the doctor. 'To tell you the truth, I thought we were up against a real neurosis there'. 'I know,' George agreed. 'I tried hard to persuade her to get a robot during the first two years we were married, but it only led to troubles so I had to drop it. The trouble is that the newest robot any of our friends has is ten years old at least. She'd never considered anything as advanced as Nurse James. The question now is what sort of robot?'
The doctor thought for a moment. 'Frankly, Mr. Shand, your wife is going to need a lot of rest and looking after. What I really recommend is the Nurse James model. A specially developed high- sensibility job with a quite novel contrabalanced compassion circuit - a very tricky piece of work, that - any direct order which a normal robot would obey immediately is evaluated by the circuit, and unless it is harmless to the patient, is not obeyed. But there is a pretty big demand for them, and I'm afraid they're rather expensive.'
'How much'? The doctor's price made George frown for a moment. Then he said: 'Where do I get one?' 'It's not as easy as that' , the doctor told him, 'but I expect I'll be able to make you a priority. Now you go and fix up the details of appearance and so on with your wife. Let me know how she wants it and I'll get busy.' 'A proper one', said Janet. One that'll look right in a house, I mean. As it's got to look after the house, let's have it looking like a housemaid. It can have a black silk dress and a frilly apron and a cap. And I'd like it blond, about five feet ten, and nice to look at but not too beautiful!'
It was delivered the day Janet got back from hospital.
George went out to borrow the next-door robot to carry the case in. They laid it on the kitchen floor. George opened the lid. He pushed a Layer of soft packing material out of the way and there, ready dressed in black dress and apron, lay the robot. Janet knelt down beside the box and touched the perfect complexion. It was quite, quite cold.

Read and answer True or False




1. Janet had never seen a robot before her visit to the hospital


2. She has always liked the idea of having a robot in the house


3.Nursre James is a sensible type of robot


4. Janet and George have been married for ten years


5. Janet was seriously ill


6. George was not very pleased when he heard how much the robot would cost


7.Robota like Nurse James can be made to look different to suit each customer.


8. Janet wanted the robot to be dressed in  a black silk evening dress



№ 7
Текст для чтения 10 класс общеобразовательной школы.
Read the text and choose the best answer to complete each sentence below.

It was a lovely day in summer, and I was cycling along a narrow country road. The sun was shining, and the birds were singing, life was wonderful. Then I came round a bend and saw a terrible sight. A motor cycle was lying on the grass, its wheels were up in the air and still turning. Next to it there was a young man and he seemed to be in terrible pain "What's happened?"
" I've had an accident. My leg has been broken. Get help!". Suddenly I heard a noise. It was a car coming along the road. I ran into the middle of the road and stopped it. The driver and I lifted him into the car and took him to a hospital. Later I realized my bicycle was still by the side of the road. I caught a bus, but I found I had no money. I had to get off and walk home.

1 There was a young man......................
a near a motor cycle
b on a motor cycle
c riding a motor cycle
d under a motor cycle
e no correct answer

2. he seemed to ................
a be happy and excited
b be suffering from an ache
c be unconscious
d be enjoying life
e no correct answer

3. The young motor- cyclist asked the author...............
a to get away
b to bring help
c to leave him alone
d to get closer
e no correct answer

4. The driver and the author.....................................
a raise the young man and put him into the car
b gave the young motor-cyclist a lift
c put the young motor- cyclist into a lift
d lift him on the road
e no correct answer

5. The author had to .......
a get home by bus
b get home on his bicycle
c go home on foot
e no correct answer

№ 8
Задания на проверку лексико-грамматических навыков

These sentences contain mistakes. Find the mistakes and write the correct version

1. Look! That woman tries to jump on a bus.

2. The state of Florida is having a sub- tropical climate

3. Each of my brothers have dark hair.

4.Why don't you make a cup of coffee until I'm finishing this.

5.I usually badly sleep when I am worried about something

6. I don't enjoy to look after the children

7.English has too much words and too many grammar

8.My father was in a hospital during six weeks.

9.He gave her a five-pounds note.

10 .I want to live for hundred years.


№ 9
Fill in the blanks with the necessary words

1. Do you know ...... about him?
a. somebody b. somewhere c. anybody d. anything

2. It was quite........when we got back from the trip
a. part b. last c. late d. letter

3. I cannot discuss the problem right now,.......some other day
a. seldom b. near c. although d. perhaps

4. We were tired...... hearing that music.
a. over b. of c. for d. on

5. The students.......in the country next summer.
a. work b. will work c. are working d. have worked

6. They invited him yesterday but he.............
a. didn't yet say that yes b. hasn't yet said that yes c. didn't yet say yes
b. hasn't said yes yet

7. Is Mary.........Pam?
a. taller that b. so tall as c. taller d. as tall as

8. He.......a bad mistake
a. did b. went c. put d. made

9. The reporter wanted to know how everything had...........
a. graduated b. happened c. invited d. explained

10. When we were in the forest we........ some flowers
a. selected b. picked c. chose d. collected

11. Mr. Anderson is angry because his daughter............
a. talking b. is talking c. to talking d. to be talking

12. I bought everything we need yesterday ,so I......go shopping today.
a. mustn't b. don't have to c. haven't d. don't have

13. The.......pens and pencils are on the desk
a. children b. childrens c. children's d. childrens'

14. The mice..............the cheese
a. have eaten b. have been eaten c. has eaten d. has been eaten

15. You............ wash the car. The paint is still wet
a. needn't b. don't have to c. mustn't d. have to

16. She looks ......... about something
a. alarm b. alarmed c. alarming d. alarmness

17. Could you please tell me where.............?
a. is the nearest post office located
b. the nearest post office is located
c. is located the nearest post office
d. located the nearest post office

18. Would you please........write in ink on the book?
a. don't b. not c. not to d. to not

19. Can you hear the sound of........ inside?
a. laugh b. laughs c. laughter d. laughed

20. ...........tourists stay here.
a. Only few b. Only little c. Only a few d. Only a little

№ 10

Choose the correct word that can be put in place of the word in bold type, so that the meaning of the sentences be the same:
1. I regard a car as something essential
a. consider b. believe c accept d. think
2. I've resolved to try to live without a car
a. considered b. urged c. minded d. decided
3. I used to fetch the paper on Sunday by car
a. carry b. take c. collect d. transport
4. I already feel that I rely on the car less then I used to
a. depend b. hope c. trust d. confide
5. Besides, now that I live in the suburbs, I can catch a bus to work
a. anyway b. so c. although d however
6. I would frequently drive to the town twice a day
a. occasionally b. sometimes c. often d. always
7. A long working day doesn't bother me very much
a. care b. frightened c. interest d. worry
8. I want to put up some shelves
a. fix b. build c. arrange d. add
9. I suppose you used to it now
a. believe b. know c. wonder d. imagine
10. Petrol prices don't seem so very high to me any more
a. look b. appear c. see d. sound

№ 11
Темы для мини- сочинения
1 Your favourite season
2. The Town I live in
3. Write down a letter to your friend who is planning to visit your country for the first time.
4. Write a short description of a famous building or monument in your town
5. The review of a film you have seen recently.
6. How do you usually see the New Year in
7. What do you like doing in your spare time

№ 12
1. Plan an unusual tour of a town or city ( give a description of the town, explaining why the places are famous or interesting, plan where you can have refreshments, lunch and dinner)
2. List three arguments for or against living in places like Stradford-upon- Avon
3. Give a description of a famous monument or building in your town
4. What job you would like to do ( give the reasons)
5. What do you think of astrology? Do you read your horoscope everyday in the newspaper?
6. Speak of your favourite comedy film and TV programs. Why do you like them?
7. If you knew you could devote your life to any single occupation - in music, writing, acting, business, politics, medicine etc.- and be among the most successful in the world at it, what would you choose and why?
8. Chose a festival from you country, describe it and give details of any customs and etiquette which the English guest should observe
9. What three things would you take with you if you were shipwrecked on a desert island? Why?
10. What is your opinion of foreign films shown on our TV
11. What kind of presents do you like to get?
12. You've just inherited a few hundred pounds. What will you do with the money.

Задание № 1


Задание 2
2.1 Примерные ответы:
1/ She has to take her passport everywhere to prove her name
2/ because he is 30 years younger than Paul MacCartney
3/ No, she doesn't, it gets quite boring
4/ He showed the policeman some identifications
5/ He is white
1-wrong- you can't imagine
2-wrong - 30 years yonger
3- wrong- her name is Julie, not Jullia
4- -right
5- wrong -I am nearly bald

Задание 3
Crime-1, Disaster-5, Military-2,Social affiars-4, Sport-3, Weather -6
1. ...since Thursday, 2..for the six months, 3..early this morning, 4..against unemployment,
2. it is still burning, 6. The worst ( bad) summer weather.

Задание 4

Задание 5
1-b, 2-b, 3-a, 4-b, 5-c, 6-c, 7-b, 8-b.

Задание 6
false: 1,2,7
true: 3,4,5,6.

Задание 7

Задание 8
1. is trying to jump on a bus
2. has
3. has
4. while.....
5. sleep badly
6. looking after
7. too many words, too much grammar
8. for
9. a five-pound
10. a hundred

Задание 9

Задание 10
1-a, 2-d,,3-c, 4-a, 5-a, 6-c, 7-d, 8-a, 9-d, 10-b.

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