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Married \Single_____________________

Number of children__________________

Type of Accommodation:

House or Flat __________________Yes \No

Room_________________________ Yes \No

Shared room __________________ Yes \ No

Is the accommodation shared______ Yes \No

If yes:

Would you prefer to live alone______ Yes \No

Do you get on with the other people___ Yes \No

Is there a separate bathroom__________ Yes \ No

Do you have a separate room of your own

For sleep________________________ Yes \No

For study________________________ Yes \ No

For entertaining friends_____________ Yes \No

Do you like the area you live in ______ Yes \ No

Is you accommodation well situated for

Transport_________________________ Yes \ No

Shops____________________________ Yes \ No

Recreation facilities_________________ Yes \ No

If no:

Where would you prefer to live?



2. , /

Here is the list of household equipment or gadgets which some people think important.

Do you think they are?






Electric frying pan

Electric toaster

Electric kettle


Washing machine

Vacuum cleaner

Air conditioning

Food mixer

Ice cream maker

Deep freeze


Electric toothbrush

Hi-fi system


Electric knife sharpener

Electric juice extraction

Colour TV







What does home mean to you?


Do you think a home is somewhere



Dont know

You are secure and warm?




You can be alone?




You can keep all your possessions?




You can bring up a family?




You can entertain your friends and relatives?




You can make a noise?




You can do what you want?




You can be in love?




You can die in peace?




You can look after your parents?




Do you think a home is something



Dont know

You can make beautiful ?




You can keep clean?




You can show off to your friends?




That will give you financial security?




That everybody needs?





2 . . .



The way we live now

results of survey of peoples living conditions



People interviewed


People living in houses


People living in flats



People living in bed-sitters


People living in snared accommodation


People with separate bathroom


People with a room of their own


People who consider their accommodation ideal or good


People who consider their accommodation bad


People who like the area they live in


People well situated for transport


People well situated for recreational facilities


People who prefer to live somewhere else






I think


Nearly all

A lot of

A few

Hardly any

Almost none

Of this things






. .



How many people think that a home is somewhere you are secure and warm?

How many people think that a home is somewhere you can be alone?

How many people think that a home is somewhere you can bring up a family?




3 . .



( )




Report: The way we live

Area of survey: Orenburg

Type of Group interviewed: Students of the 7th form

Date of interview: 20th October.

In our survey we interviewed 24 people. They were all students and were single.


16 people we interviewed live in a house and 7 people live in a flat. One student lives in a room alone. His parents have moved to another town. As he wanted to stay his parents gave his money to rent a room here. Except for this one person everybody lives with their family.

There is nothing significant about the number of people who have a separate kitchen, but one thing interested us a lot the number of people who didnt have a room of their own. The percentage of people with a room of their own was very low-22%. One result was expected: this was the percentage of people who found their accommodation not very good 50%. Many said that they would prefer to live in or near the country because they felt that their neighbourhood suffered from air and noise pollution. A large number of people said that they must have peace and quiet. The said they would move if it were financially possible.



, :


Most people think that a home is..

A few people think that.

Hardly anyone thinks that.

No one thinks that



, , . :



I think the.

In my opinion the..







Id want a.

Id like a..

I wouldnt want a.

In my house









Charlotte is 18 years old and works as a receptionist in Oxford Street In Londons West End. She is a pretty girl with a lovely personality. She gets on well with people and has a lot of friends.

At present , Charlotte has no fixed address. She has been looking for somewhere to live for about three months. So far she has been unsuccessful and has been sleeping on the floor of a friends flat.

Charlottes parents live in the country just outside London and although it is possible to live at home with her parents and commute to London every day to work like thousands of other people, Charlotte, wants to be independent. She wants to lead a life of her own.

Charlottes boyfriend, Glen, shares a flat with three other friends. They were lucky. They found a flat very quickly. Charlotte, however, has not been so lucky.

Everyday she buys an evening paper and looks through the advertisements. She visits and telephones Flat Agencies about three times a week. She buys a magazine called Time Out every Thursday and looks through the Flats to Share pages very carefully.


She has been to see a number of different places in different parts of London. Each time she has been disappointed for one reason or another.



2. ( )



You are the person who interviews Charlotte at a flat agency


Clients Details Confidential

1. Name of Client


2. Age of Client

3. Occupation

4. Present address

5. Kind of accommodation wanted

6. Preferred location (in London |out of town)

7. How long has the client been looking for new accommodation?


8. How has the client been looking for accommodation?


9. If the client is looking for shared accommodation write a brief note on his her personality






3. , .


Fill in the gaps using a suitable form of the words in brackets. Tell the story of Charlottes search


When Charlotte left home she..( go) to stay with friends in London. She first(consult0 an agent. Then she..(visit) a flat which a 50-year-old woman(want) to share. The following morning she..(phone) about another room. When she ..(get) there, she(find) that the room was very tiny. And she(not like ) the girl there. She .(call at) another flat, but she was too late. They had found someone. Next she.(ring) a boy who lived in a bed-sitter. But the bed-sitter (not suit) her either. She (begin) to fell very depressed. Then a friend .(read) her an advertisement from the newspaper. The people.(want) someone to share a relaxed, happy flat. Charlotte.(phone) them. The girls.(interview) her and another girl. They.(choose) Charlotte. The next Saturday she.(move in).



These advertisements come from a copy of Time Out Charlotte read one day


q       Professional lady requires another to share quiet, non-smoking house

5 mins park, 2 mins shops. Box 305.

q       Love, peace and health food

Away from City stress

Ring Ted before 12 at 0876 4209 for a free life

q       Fourth mad girl wanted for large

sunny flat in Hampstead 764 8903

q       Accommodation available for young girl.

Evening meals and weekend food. No boy- friends

Telephone after 4. 30 432 6470

q       Large double attic room.

Share kitchen with other occupants.

Near Waterloo Station. Box 304

q       Small is beautiful

Small but comfortable room

near tube in South London share with one other 238 1984


List what kind of accommodation is available in the advertisement Use the scheme :


Type of accommodation

People offering flat

People they wanted

How to contact


You now know something about Charlotte, and you have seen what flats are on offer. What do you think Charlotte would think about them? Use the switchboard



dont think




Flat is very good for Charlotte


Theres a kitchen to share

Love and peace there

A tube station nearby



its large







well- situated


she has to share a kitchen

has a lot of friends

gets on well with people

wants to lead a life of her


not a mad type

shes too young









Read the conversation between a flat agent and someone who is looking for somewhere to live


Client : I am looking for somewhere to live

Agent: Now do you want a shared flat or a bed-sitter?

Client: Id like to share a flat

Agent: Right, well, what about this one its at April Place

Client: Would I be able to have my own room?

Agent: No, Im afraid youd have to share a room.

Client: And what about cooking facilities? Are they available?

Agent: Yes, they are

Client: Is it furnished?

Agent: Yes, it is

Client: Oh, and has it got a garden? I like gardening

Agent: No. Im afraid it hasnt

Client: Oh! And what about public transport? Are the transport services good in the area?

Agent: No, not very, Im afraid

Client: Perhaps you could tell me how many other people would be in the same place.

Agent: Let me have a look. Oh, yes, there would be 3 other people.

Client: And the price.how much is the rent per week?

Agent: $16 per week. Oh and theres one more thing I should tell you there isnt a telephone. And

They want a non- smoker

Client: Well, thank you very much for your information. Ill think about it and telephone you this

Afternoon to tell you if I want to have a look at the place

Agent: Fine! Ill expect to hear from you


Now look at the information about flats and bed-sitters available at the City accommodation service and act similar dialogues for 14 North Road, 6 Elm Street and 2 Cambridge Square

City Accommodation Service


Shared Flats


16 April Street

14 North Road

6 Elm Street

2 Cambridge Square

Own room





Shared room





Good public transport










Cooking facilities















Number of people in house/flat






$ 16

$ 20

$ 12

$ 10


No telephone

Non smoker


Gets cold in winter

No animals


Please provide own bed linen


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